Welcome to the website of the International Conference of  Young Scientists in Humanities & Social Sciences 

The Conference will be held on 10-11 May 2012 at Šiauliai University, Vytauto Street 84,  Šiauliai, Lithuania. 

This conference will draw together young researchers and doctoral students from various fields within Humanities, Social Sciences, Education and provide them with the opportunity to interact with colleagues from the same and related fields. An additional goal of the conference is to provide a place for young scientists  with interdisciplinary interests to meet and interact with 

members outside their own particular disciplines. Interdisciplinary proposal submissions are encouraged. 
Šiauliai University Library (conference place)

Participants are welcome to submit a paper proposal to present either a 15-20 minute paper presentation. We try to organize similar presentations in tracks throughout the conference. The type of papers presented include: research (qualitative or quantitative), theoretical articles. 

  • Science in Society
  • Young People and Science
  • Research and Innovations in Education
  • Education Systems in the 21st century
  • Education for Sustainable Development
  • Disability and Social Participation
  • Social Welfare and Social Cohesion
  • Inclusive Education
  • Phenomenon, Problems and Challenges of Modern Society
  • Europe: Diversity of Cultures and Policy
  • Language and Modern-day World
  • Language Teaching/learning Paradigms
  • Dimensions of Language Research
  • Economic Research in Conditions of Globalization
  • Management of Social Processes in Knowledge-Based Society
  • Quality of Public Sector Management

Co-operating organisations
National Association of Childhood Researchers
The Centre of Russian Language and Culture
Lithuanian Association of Disability Researches